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As of Tuesday January 20th 2009 at noon a cumulative 12 year dynasty ended, and a new era for America began. Millions of people stood before their soon to be leader. The soon to be leader of the free world–a leader who about him carries an excitingly unique air. In particular, it’s not the skin color that is unique about this individual, though that is certainly a contributing detail to the transformative aura he brings to the executive office. That detail unquestionably heralds the change that has come to pass since the executive actions of our 16th President, and since the like executive actions of the 35th and 36th Presidents. To explain what, in particular, is unique about the soon to be leader is difficult in the breadth and complexity of the answer.

It wasn’t a spectacular day in a sense–a great man fell ill in the festivities, a foolish man marred by a flawed ideology gave a prayer, American stock indexes dropped considerably, and the speech of a natural orator was seemingly lackluster. But, despite all that, the event had a fervor that could not be quelled.

The bold leader, in a motorcade–a word that draws a ghastly parallel to the ill fate of our 35th leader–a unique man himself, who shared a comparable fervor–abound with apprehension, among some eyes fearful of past events, refused to submit to the fears of the past. Unafraid of the past, he stepped out of the safety of the automobile likened to a “tank with windows,” progressing with complete vulnerability, amidst a motorcade toward the destiny that no one could deny him, completely free of fear and in turn lifting the spell of apprehension. The millions that watched were disarmed by this display of courage, and were assured, and were inspired. Or, I can only speculate that that was what the millions watching felt as the motorcade progressed; my only evidence being how I, myself, felt as I watched. The defiance of fear echoed the Inauguration speech of our 32nd President who, too, had a similar catastrophe to confront. He said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

If there was ever any doubt in my mind that our new leader, Barack Obama, would be able to handle the duty of executive office, the responsibility of leading the free world, or would be able to live up to the honor of serving as our leader as the 44th President of the United States of America, that doubt was lifted when he stepped out of the presidential limo and progressed hand in hand with his wife, smiling, greeting the world, bold and unfearing, demonstrating to us all how to walk in the shadow of fear and uncertainty.


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