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Dream 23-09-2015

I was in L.A. or some other metropolitan city but I got the distinct impression that it was L.A. even though there weren’t any discerning landmarks to tell me so. Anyway, I was wandering around looking for things to do. I noticed this street lined with these tall oak trees with seemingly cropped canopies. They all looked like giant oaken golf teas except the top part was domed with speckled green and veiny branches. The street itself had lightrail tracks that went between the apartment complex in which I was staying and this theater. I’m sure it went beyond those destinations, but most of the action occurred between these two locations. The distance between the theater and the apartment wasn’t far, so it was easier and cheaper for me to walk or jog between the two places. At some point in the middle of the Theater and the Apartment, on the way to the apartment before the strip of street lined with trees, there’s a pedestrian center with an enormous oak tree maybe three or four times larger than the aforementioned trees, and with a full, lush canopy. However, there were curvy streaks of red and of yellow and green and black which upon longer examination were pythons I guess sunbathing on the leaves. They weren’t fearsome though, there was a benign feeling and the many other pedestrians and tourists around barely even noticed the snakes that were clearly on the tree. The apartment complex looked like it consisted of two rows of apartments (there could have been more, but my apartment was on the second row so I never noticed) separated by a courtyard. There was a river that flowed and right around where my apartment (it was on the right side of the main street, about three apartments from the end) there was a canal with a small bridge to get to the last apartments on that side. The tree seemed perpetually bathed in a golden dusk light which looked breathtaking. The first thing I could remember was going to a concert. It was a poppy musical artist, a woman, blonde, caucasian, might have been Emily Haines (I’ve been obsessively listening to Metric’s Pagans in Vegas since it was released). There was a bouncy ball the artist tossed into the crowd which made its way around several times, but it was kind of a hazard so as soon as I caught the ball again. The singer, who was singing in the aisle at the moment said to crowd to stop the tossing. But the request didn’t register in my mind fast enough so I gave the ball as hard a toss as I could, clearly trying to prove something to everyone who saw my previous throw, and it went much further but still was obviously a weak throw. I don’t know if everyone went silent, but a split second later I realized what the singer had asked and I felt as though everyone in the crowd and the singer was staring at me admonishingly. The concert ended and I was exiting the theater but I was somehow pulled or I wandered backstage to where the crew was having a group meal. They invited me to sit down and eat with them so I did.I sat next to a really nice woman on my left and a really nice but clearly drunk and very attractive dark haired, petit woman, possibly ethnically Central or South American, on my right. I think the drunk woman flirted with me a little, and I flirted back, but I saw how inebriated she was and didn’t want to go any further than that. I finished my meal, and I suddenly felt out of place, so I got up, I addressed the room loudly, thanking them, but I wasn’t specific about what, so it could have been for their work on the concert or for the meal they let me have with them. After the concert, I was meeting with a friend, a woman with dark hair, possibly looked like the porn actor Keisha Grey (a video of whom I had masturbated to prior to sleeping) and we walked down that street. I asked her about the large tree with the snakes, asking something like “how does that happen?” She said something like you plant the tree and it grows to be that (it was more concise but I can’t remember her exact words or maybe I just go the impression of her response). I responded with I’ve planted hundreds of oak trees, and they never turned out like that. The way I phrased the response and what I was thinking as I talked, I was referring to how trees generate in Minecraft when you plant an oak sapling. There was one point where there was a commotion on the street between the large tree and the street lined with the smaller trees. There was something important that my friend had to sprint and dive to catch because she had the skill and no one else could. There was some sort of impact that rumbled the pedestrian center and caused one or two of the pythons to fall from the tree, but they didn’t seem agitated and just slithered back up the tree. I think my friend caught whatever needed to be caught, but I don’t remember if that was resolved or any other details about it. I think soon after that incident, the dream cut to a large baseball stadium where a little league game was happening. My friend was brought in to help coach one of the teams. She mostly taught them about outfield formation and movement. The kids didn’t really get it at first and didn’t really move in unison when needed, opening up gaps in the field that batters could exploit, but they started to correct this. My friend seemed to have succeeded in helping the team and that’s mostly what happened. So I guess she’s really athletic. Anyway. After that sequence, it cut back to me walking around on the one street on which this dream takes place (aside from the random baseball stadium). I don’t know how I got this information, maybe pedestrian chatter, maybe the woman I sat next to on my left (not the drunk one) told me about it, but I was then privy to information about a possible serial killer on the loose in the city. Two or three people have been killed, possibly one of the crew members I sat down with at the theater, and all the victims had stab wounds that punctured two or three specific internal organs. I felt impending danger so I went to my friend’s apartment, which was just about across from my apartment on the other side of the courtyard, to warn her about these killings and to ask her to be careful. After I did that, I investigated the courtyard to familiarize myself with our surroundings. I looked at the canal, checked under the bridge and found an entrance to this tunnel with torches lighting the way, and where the concrete was replaced with blocks of either coal or obsidian, Minecraft style. I felt like it could’ve been the serial killer’s lair. There was something about lava, too, but I don’t remember too much about it. There was an apparatus behind an apartment to the left of mine that was attached to the ground and had a component that seemed to be seeping lava. It seemed like it was connected to the serial killer because reasons. It may have been at that point where I called the cops to report these things I saw. I was visited by two detectives, both of them were African American, the lead looked like Morris Chestnut (I had watched the Rosewood pilot that night). I showed him the strange apparatus, and showed him the entrance to the lair, and the detectives seemed interested in the information. When we exited the canal and got back on the courtyard I noticed my friend’s door was open and the lights in the apartment were on. I felt a bit panicked but I went to check it out anyway. The apartment was empty but it was clear someone was in there, and tussled everything around. The intruder was sending a message. My friend was just coming home then and I felt relieved that she wasn’t abducted or killed. The killer obviously knew I discovered something about them and probably that I informed the authorities. They seemed to know enough about me to suggest that they started actively monitoring me. One night I was out in the apartment courtyard with someone, it could’ve been the Morris Chestnut detective, helping to investigate the murders. It was night time, particularly dark. The courtyard wasn’t well lit, probably some bulbs needed replacing. I was walking back to my apartment when the serial killer showed up, a caucasian wearing thick glasses and wearing some sort of hooded robe and wielding a long, thin knife. He looked like a grown-up Dudley from The Royal Tenenbaums. He spoke in exposition, admitted to the killings, and told me he would be killing me next and proceeded to do so. He may have stabbed me but not fatally. Morris Chestnut detective intervened before he could do any real damage, knocking the knife our of his hands. While they struggled, I took the opportunity to get the knife, slash at the killer a few times, hopefully not fatally wounding him, but certainly immobilizing him. Morris Chestnut cop pinned him down to arrest him and I remember thinking how satisfying it was that this thing had been resolved. I didn’t see my friend again, but I had the feeling that she was okay at the end of the dream. And then I woke up.


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